Listening to needs

Thank you to the Denton Police Department for utilizing this new program working with mental health needs and issues for some of the residents here. I know and can speak from my own personal experiences that it always helps when an authoritative person takes the time to listen and help than just jump to conclusions.

Thank you for implementing these new ways to the department.

Stephen John Hipple,


Where masks are needed

I went to the local branch of the Denton post office this afternoon (Nov. 15) to ship a package. Although there is a sign on every door requiring masks to be worn in the lobby, at least half the people in a very full lobby were not wearing masks.

I am old and cannot risk a breakthrough case of COVID-19 since 86% of people in my age group who get breakthrough cases die. I had to leave without getting to ship my package. I then called the main post office on McKinney Street to report this incident, and after being robotically transferred to a human operator, I was hung up on twice before even getting to talk to the operator.

The post office should post officers to enforce the mandate to facilitate the timely and orderly flow of business for everyone.

John Zeigler,


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