No winners in this conflict

The Michael Ramirez cartoon in the May 21 Denton Record-Chronicle suggests a huge and false imbalance in military might between the Palestinians in Gaza and Israelis, in favor of the Palestinians. Israel has used and is using every opportunity to impose its vastly superior military might to crush and destroy the indigenous Palestinian people (who, by the way are a Semitic population).

Intermittently, and lamentably, Hamas launches desperate rocket attacks in sheer frustration at the level of apartheid practices exercised by Israel. Make no mistake, Israel is a misbegotten colonial power of people of Eastern European origin, finally foisted on the Middle East at the end of World War II by the Allied powers that gave the colonists there carte blanche to pursue the unholy purge of the Palestinian people from their own land, a purge that had unofficially begun in the late 1800s.

The people who had suffered so terribly at the hands of Nazi Germany are guilty now of levying the same kind of cruel atrocity by partitioning the Palestinian people into ever more constricted spaces. There are no winners in this conflict, which will ultimately no doubt end in Israel destroying and driving out the Palestinians and becoming a mirror image of the Nazi regime it fled to the Middle East to escape, so many years ago.

How very sad, because the possibility of peaceful coexistence was always and still is possible.

John Zeigler,


The science is settled

Though Marc Thiessen uses the word “facts” to title his May 18 essay denying the reality of climate change, his book review is an overview of half-truths from a false expert.

Thiessen bases his argument exclusively on the work of a single physicist, Steven Koonin. His claims seem believable until one looks a bit deeper. Koonin may be an expert in physics, but he is not an expert in the study of earth systems and climate.

However, Thiessen notes that Koonin was “undersecretary for science in the Obama Energy Department.” That proves his expertise — except it doesn’t. The real reason Steven Chu brought Koonin into the Energy Department is because the physicist has a reputation for being oppositional. Chu described him as “the curmudgeon type.” Finally, Koonin worked for five years as a scientist for British Petroleum, known for its greenwashing campaign, “Beyond Petroleum.”

Thiessen himself is an unreliable source. He works for the American Enterprise Institute, which has been funded by the multibillionaire Koch brothers and ExxonMobil. Furthermore, The Guardian newspaper reports that in 2007, the institute offered scientists $10,000 plus travel expenses to critique the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Thiessen and Koonin are merely trying to resurrect doubts about climate change that are actually settled science. There is no argument that climate change is happening. Now we just need to ask our politicians and leaders to work together to ensure the future of our country rather than entertaining baseless claims.

Cheryl Clark,

Oak Point

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