People today complain about small hardships such as the COVID-19 mitigation measures, but they might not know the severe difficulties experienced during the Civil War era. The novel Little Women is an exciting Civil War-era book that will make a wonderful, meaningful summer read.

Each reader will relate to one or more of the novel’s four sisters and their friend. Jo is a selfless rebel and tomboy. The youngest daughter, Amy, is artistic but selfish sometimes. Beth is timid, sweet and musical. The sisters’ friend Laurie is funny and easygoing.

The novel has many exciting plot twists and climaxes that keep the reader wanting more. When Amy burns the book that Jo worked so hard to write, I was ready for Jo to kill Amy. After years of friendship, Laurie proposes marriage to one of the sisters.

One important theme of this novel is the importance of family because they will always be there for you. The March family supports each other during the difficulties of living through the Civil War.

Little Women gives perspective needed today while thoroughly entertaining its readers. Kids today are complaining about not being able see their friends or travel due to coronavirus, but they should be thankful they have a house to be safe in and no war to deal with. I recommend Little Women as a summer read; its engaging historical story is highly relevant today.

Varnika Dalal,

Flower Mound

We’re so emotional in today’s world. We’re quick to differ with others and write off not only their opinion but also the person who expressed it. Our passion for sports, luxuries and appearances often crosses the line. And those indulgences are OK, but the absolute one thing in our life that we should not be emotional about is voting.

We can take our politics personally, but not how or who we vote for. Truth is we’ll end up stressing ourselves out if we vote with our hearts. Voting is the most important civic action that any American citizen can take, and we should never make important decisions under stress. If we all simply voted pragmatically, we would inherently have better election results that will yield more positive change for America.

Voting should simply be a choice of who will do the best job for the office that they seek, based on the most recent results the candidate has yielded and their plan to improve. We shouldn’t have to like someone in order to vote for them. How we feel about the person is largely irrelevant to their ability to serve.

I don’t want to like any of the candidates running for president. I’ve never met them, and I don’t know them personally. And I don’t need to. I’m simply going to vote based on who I think will do the best job leading America.

With a lifetime of service and verifiable leadership, I’m voting for Joe Biden. It’s not personal.

Brandon Chase McGee,


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