Be safe while biking

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has caused an explosion in bike sales worldwide as people are eager to get outside and get active.

Whether you’re buying a new bike or getting back on an old one after years out of the saddle, please be safe out there. Wear a helmet. Use hand signals to indicate turns and stops. Obey traffic laws. Use a headlight and taillight for nighttime riding.

Motorists should also be aware of the increased number of riders on the road. Please abide by Denton’s safe passing ordinance (2011-046) giving riders 3 feet of space when passing in a car and 6 feet for a truck. As an avid cyclist, I would also ask motorists to not yield right of way to cyclists. Please think of bicycles as any other vehicle.

I’ve seen many motorists stop to yield to cyclists where there was not a stop sign or traffic light, and while we deeply appreciate the courtesy shown to us, it creates a dangerous situation as other drivers may not anticipate a car stopping and can put both the cyclist and driver in danger. Let’s all be as safe as possible out there.

Tim Courtney,


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