Doing the work of angels

One hundred — no, 1,000 — hoorahs to Denton ISD.

Making sure all children in Denton are fed — the work of angels. On the other hand, I was sad to read that in Argyle the kids’ parents had to fill out forms and meet with a representative to get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. How very arrogant and sad.

Paul Knopick,


We must sacrifice together

Considering the global crisis we are each facing, the number of people who are clinging to politics is despicable.

It appears that the first order of business is to obstruct whenever and wherever possible and to remove our elected leader no matter what it takes. Any elected official guilty of this has no business holding the position he or she holds.

It also puts a limit on what we will do for each other as we all sacrifice together. This could be our finest hour, but it may not be.

Tom Tweeddale,


More fake news

Mr. Weber’s March 21 letter shows he has been watching too much fake news on CNN and MSNBC. President Trump did not say the coronavirus was a hoax. He said the fake news and the Democrats’ response was.

Why would anyone say that when he blocked people coming from China, he was criticized by the Democrats and their fake media partners.

Joe Biden said last week he still would not stop Chinese people from entering the U.S. Could that have anything to do with the $1.5 billion China had his son invest? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funding also has not been cut.

Other fake news: Adam Schiff went on CNN hundreds of times to lie about Russian collusion, Kavanaugh kids, the fine people in Charlotte and many more.

Larry Moudy,

Valley View

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