Let’s not be wasteful

One of the federal government’s COVID-19 worker assistance plans involves sending all Americans $1,000 or some similar plan. The worst-case unemployment scenario is 20%; the remaining 80% of us don’t need the money.

Fund the existing state unemployment agencies to assist those unemployed or underemployed due to the coronavirus. Let’s be surgical with our assistance and not use a wasteful scattergun approach.

Robert W. Killam,


We have two enemies

Looking back, we can confirm that one of the first acts of President Donald Trump’s administration was to dismantle the pandemic unit within the U.S. government. That would be the agency responsible for coordinating the workings of how the government contends with what we are now experiencing in our country.

His evil and corrupt mind even today can be seen in the very notes that he reads in the briefing room where he had marked through “coronavirus” and used his famous Sharpie to write “Chinese.” This country does not need another enemy; we have two already — the virus and Trump.

In short order, he has brought forth a situation that has allowed this virus to enter our unprepared country and take hold of every being of our daily life. He along with those evangelical ministers and their followers who so adamantly supported this “stable genius” are somewhat responsible for the demise of your 401(k) retirement fund and perhaps even the death of someone you may know and love.

This is what the country reaps when it puts in a man that projects nothing but evil and corruption. These fake Christians who worked so hard to elect this man will find their lives have been turned upside down by the very one that sold them this overpriced “bill of goods.”

These evangelicals need to do more than thump their Bibles to counter what they have done to this country.

Jack Highfill,


Tips needed for home treatment

The media have done a good job of often reviewing the steps for prevention of the COVID-19 virus. However, there has not been the same emphasis placed on how to treat the lower-level symptoms of the virus in an in-home setting.

It seems there has been an assumption that everyone knows how to treat the typical symptoms of a cold or flu as well as knowing what are the most efficient over-the-counter medications that can be utilized. It makes sense to me that all of us could use a comprehensive educational review of this information.

I would guess that if more people knew what to look for and what to do for the ill at-home patient, there would be fewer ER visits.

Consultation with a health professional is always appropriate.

John Hipple,


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