Three seashells

With the Cootie Apocalypse having descended upon us, it’s time for Sandra Bullock to stop laughing and tell us all how to use the three seashells (from the 1973 movie Demolition Man).

I’m in that “at-risk” group, and I straight up refuse to leave this world with a hygienically challenged … you know, part.

Randall Lynn Clendenen,

Lake Dallas

Now’s not the time

Leonard Pitts’ second paragraph this week really sums up his continuing narrative that confounds me daily and makes me wonder why the Denton Record-Chronicle continues to run this type of anger during a time when we all need to come together.

“Or at least it is until you remember that the GOP is a hate group — and Trump its grand wizard.”

To what end is this pursuing?

There is a time for politics, conflict, argument and confrontation. Now is not the time.

Please consider at minimum your editor commenting on this latest Pitts rant or perhaps just removing his diatribes altogether and return to civility.

We can, I hope, find some solace in receiving factual reporting from the Record-Chronicle without the anger from all sides. Please move with your readers in that direction.

Barry O’Connor,


Bridges of trust

Thanks to the Denton Record-Chronicle for the articles on Sunshine Week.

Editorials by local officials were well done and suggest they know where/how our government should go. Thankfully, they were nonpartisan nor filtered by the bias of our tribal drums. Common themes were transparency and openness. That these ideas will lead to trust, as in public trust.

Without full transparency, there will be no real trust. When we perceive someone as not open, we likely will not trust them. To me, trust requires honesty, integrity, reliability and openness. Encourage local, state and federal officials to adopt an operating norm of transparency, as in — open, honest, candid, forthright and explicit. In their communications, actions and their products of legislation.

Continue to seek and close loopholes in accessing our public information. Our local officials’ words demonstrate they know how to take the right path to public trust. Hopefully, their choices and actions will not include partisan ideologies and distractions.

Like bricks, words can build walls or bridges. Let’s build those bridges of trust.

Bob Swanbeck,


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