No 'get out of jail free' card

Naturally, it didn’t surprise me in the least reading of these unruly, barbaric Argyle parents bellowing and whining about the city’s sensible keeping of the school district’s mask mandate. After all, these are the very same anti-science right-wing extremists who bought into their little boy king Trump’s invidious lie this time last year that the coronavirus was a “Democratic hoax.”

Quite contradictory, this, being that these people of the save-fetuses, starve-low-income-babies Republican Party purport to be pro-life yet support such an anti-life policy by a politically pandering-down-to governor who would endanger that city’s vulnerable children.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — merely being anti-abortion ain’t gonna absolve you folks of your greed and bigotry should Judgment Day come along. It alone isn’t going to grant you some kind of specious Get Out of Jail Free card if your time does come a callin’.

Simple. As. That.

Jack Sommersby,


What we need to teach

I agree with Mr. Pedro Barraza, in his March 22 letter to the editor, that pay needs to be increased for teachers. But I want them to teach what they were hired for. Like English, math, history etc. Not for brainwashing our young with propaganda from liberal professors from the colleges they attended.

I substitute taught in Denton area schools and learned that it takes personal fortitude to deal with some of the students. I know the students love to have substitutes so they can have fun trying to push them as far as they will go.

My answer to graduate above-average students is go heavy on the required subjects and a heavy flyswatter made of wood to teach “RESPECT!”

Jim Penton,


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