Lies about ‘systemic racism’

Never in my adult life have I been more disgusted with leftist cable media than last weekend’s coverage of the Atlanta spa shootings on Tuesday [March 16]. After full investigation, both FBI Director Christopher Wray and the entire Atlanta police could find no evidence whatsoever of racial motive for this horrible attack killing eight innocent humans — six of whom only happened to be Asian American in the wrong place at the wrong time. The shooter was clearly a mentally deranged young man and an admitted sexual addict who targeted anyone in his path regardless of sex or ethnicity.

Yet this didn’t stop most cable outlets including the Biden-Harris White House from labeling it as a “hate crime” to be prosecuted as such. There was little or no mention of mental illness as a factor while Chuck Todd at MSNBC ranted at length about this being another “attack on Asian Americans.” CNN joined the false narrative all day Sunday.

Sen. Chuck Schumer was also quick to grab a public microphone to decry “racism and hatred” as the sole motivation (while ignoring his own malignant hatred of all things Trump or his supporters over the past five years).

I’m not sure exactly where all this is headed, but it’s pretty clear that greater harm to our country comes from public figures willing to lie about “systemic racism” than from those few who might actually qualify as racist or bigot while living in the most open and diverse society anywhere on earth.

David Zoltner,