Cuomo hates the Bill of Rights

Millions have and will continue to be spent by Michael Bloomberg and George Soros to highly restrict or eliminate currently legal firearms held by Americans old enough and sane enough to own them. But big money is not the only thing being used for the same purpose by influential liberals. It is called coercion — using force or threats for their own gain.

Example: Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York hates the freedoms that the First and Second amendments give to the citizens of the United States. He ordered his banking regulator to send letters to banks and insurance companies saying to stop doing business with the NRA. Believe it or not, the ACLU has joined the NRA in federal court, suing Cuomo over abuse of First Amendment rights. There has been some success so far, but it has not been ruled on yet.

I would like to ask the liberal business owners out there how they would feel if the state of Texas’ conservative governor were to shut him or her down because he didn’t like his or her business or just didn’t like him or her! Does that make you think a little?

If Cuomo can get away with that, it shows everybody that the left wants to run this country by coercion! That is the way socialism works. All must think about that in 2020.

James Penton,


Not an actual business wizard

For the gullibles who preached that President Trump was such a business wizard and that was why we needed him in office, well your Book of Revelation is here. Trump lost over a billion dollars of his daddy’s money in 10 years. That’s just what we know so far. Trump even bragged about being a business wizard (several of 10,000 lies). Wonder why his people insisted his grades didn’t get revealed at military school where he was sent as a bad boy and his grades in college? Trump is nothing but a fraud.

As I said, he wasn’t paying any taxes, never paid any for eight years. That’s just what we know so far.

He says the Chinese are paying for the tariffs. Does this man ever stop lying? You and I are going to bear the brunt of those tariffs.

You will say wait until a Democrat is in office, we’ll get revenge. You even ridiculed Lady Bird Johnson for wanting to beautify America, Michelle Obama for her campaign against childhood obesity. Read all my former letters to the editor about Trump. Listen up — after Trump, you won’t have a leg to stand on for years. And I’ll remind you of that.

We know that the only way Trump makes money is by cheating, e.g. Trump University, not paying contractors, etc. I suspect all the wild swings he has created in the stock market are for family and friends to know when to buy and sell.

Jim Stodola,


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