Not surprised by Andy’s mural win

Why am I not surprised that the Denton City Council voted almost unanimously to let Andy’s keep their mural? Would they bite the hand that feeds them their appraisal-tax collusion money?

Andy’s sold in 2017, and the Denton Central Appraisal District decided to wait till 2019 to more than double everyone’s land value on the Square based upon that sale. How did they dilute the price for the business and improvements so they could double up on the land value for everyone else on the Square? Why did they wait two years to wreak havoc on landlords’ and tenants’ income?

Perhaps they feared losing their financial pound of flesh from the forthcoming SB 2, that bureaucratic, meatless-bone recently tossed to the masses. About the only good from SB 2 is that Rudy Durham can no longer be mayor of Lewisville and chief appraiser.

John Thorngren,

building owner on the Square,

Shady Shores

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