Inspired by DRC’s Blotter

The Denton Record-Chronicle is important to me because it keeps me informed about what is going on in Denton.

I always read the “Blotter,” although it often isn’t that interesting. Lately, whoever is reporting has my undivided attention. It’s not often, but occasionally he or she is inspired.

There were two such reports on June 3 that broke me up. Those of you who don’t read the Blotter are missing out. Hopefully, there will be more humorous comments in the future. I look forward to them.

Danna Zoltner,


Gillibrand’s anti-capitalistic stance

The Town Hall recently organized by Fox News at the University of Dubuque (Iowa) for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., had the usual mix of good questions and bad answers.

Professor Sean Benson asked about what would follow capitalism, which after all, brought more people out of poverty than any other system. Her answer was a mischaracterization of capitalism, by stating that capitalism served its purpose but has become greed: “Corporations have more interest in profits than helping people.”

The professor should have interrupted and asked her where the money comes from for all of her favorite social programs. She does not seem to know that nothing gets funded by the federal government except through (forced) taxation on the working population and corporations. She should cheer the profit angle as prosperous corporations pay taxes to the government. The investors who receive part of the remaining profits as dividends pay taxes a second time.

So “killing” corporations is like killing the goose that keeps laying the tax egg. So Gillibrand and other anti-capitalist Democrats work against their own interests when they limit corporations’ profit-making activities or tax corporations so highly that they limit their investments in productivity, i.e. jobs.

Marcel Didier,


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