Get involved in redistricting

I was glad to see Barbara Rodman’s June 14 letter to the editor about the importance of Denton residents’ involvement in redistricting. 

Democracy is a complex process with lots of layers in a technological society, and the more layers, the farther government is from the voters, and the harder and more exhausting it is to participate. Fatigue, frustration and discouragement add to Americans’ shamefully low voting rate compared with other democratic nations. We deserve the government we get if we don’t vote. 

But voting is not enough, because redistricting helps to determine who gets to vote and how much each vote counts, as Rodman’s letter points out. 

For a fair vote, we need citizens’ experiences about what gets in the way and nonpartisan expert input about how to make it fair. City council and county commissioners should be holding meetings and hearings that are well publicized and scheduled for maximum citizen access, not only for redistricting, but also in general. 

Yes, going to city council and county commissioner meetings is getting into the weeds, but that’s where things that bite live. 

Sharon Rae Jenkins, 


Rest in yeast, Hypnotic Donuts

Hypnotic Donuts Denton took its last doughnut breath on June 16, 2019. Hypnotic Donuts Denton was only 5 years old, but in the short time it lived on the Denton Downtown Square it provided a wealth of frosted joy, a sprinkling of coolness and a deep-fried love for its customers. 

Hypnotic Donuts Denton is survived by (assumed) millions of Denton doughnut lovers. In lieu of flowers, please deliver doughnuts from Hypnotic Donuts in Dallas to my doorstep. I like the ski accident.  Rest in Yeast. 

Sarah Adams, 


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