Public service with a smile

A loud bang, and my brand-new Honda had a blowout on busy U.S. Highway 380 Sunday morning en route to McKinney. I maneuvered to the roadside with blinkers on. AAA was too busy to respond.

Suddenly, a smiling state trooper, officer Kevin Eads, who had pulled up behind me, appraised the situation. “I’ll change your tire,” he offered, which he did quickly.

His bearing, uniform neatly pressed and clean-shaven face prompted me to ask if he was a former Marine. He smiled, said no, but “many members of my family had served in the Corps.”

This former Marine much appreciated State Trooper Eads’ timely help.

Fred A. Coffey Jr.,


Don’t take Texas for granted

Compliments to the paint and hazardous waste division at Denton Recycles. It’s good to know we have such a convenient service at the city dump on Mayhill Road, just north of Interstate 35E.

It would be nice if Denton offered and promoted other recycling items. Paper, glass and hard plastics, even compost, are some of the most common recyclables. Considering our growth and development, Denton may want to address and better manage the amount of waste that comes with growth. Do this for ourselves but also for future generations of Texans who will inherit what we discarded.

We need to show that we were thinking of their future, too. Texas is vast, but it would be negligent to take our size for granted in the same manner governments treat the world’s oceans. We can do better than that.

Jim Lott,


Of soap and toothpaste

This week, the Trump administration argued before the 9th Circuit Court that the children being detained after crossing our border needed neither soap nor toothpaste. It was argued that the children needed only a foil blanket and the concrete floor for sleeping. Of course, the judges were incredulous that the Department of Justice attorney didn’t comprehend the guidelines, set forth by the court years ago, for safe and sanitary conditions.

As a citizen of this country, as a mother and grandmother, and as a Christian, I am saddened and bewildered. It’s sad to think that adults thought fighting against giving children basic comforts was the right thing to do. It’s bewildering that we have a government that would send an attorney to court to argue against soap and toothpaste. We need to take a long look at ourselves and ask ourselves if this is the government we want. Why are our senators and congressmen unwilling to speak out? I surmise that they either agree with the administration or they are too cowardly to speak out.

Marsha Fishman,


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