Pelosi clueless, president illiterate

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, will not receive emails from people outside her 12th District. As speaker, she has taken on a nationwide role, requiring greater access by all the American people.

She does not understand that Donald Trump is illiterate, does not understand even the basics of our form of government, and his instability poses an immediate threat and a clear and present danger to the republic, and must be impeached for incompetence, if for nothing else. Even at a speaking event in San Francisco, she refused to acknowledge the chants from the crowd for impeachment of the president.

She has no clue as to the danger this president poses to the republic.

John Zeigler,


Kim, Putin play Trump for the fool

Republicans continue to support a president who makes a mockery out of our intelligence services and buddies up with murderous despots like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin. Kim is starving his countrymen and working thousands to death in prison camps. Putin is doing much the same, just not being as obvious. In any other era, President Trump’s actions would be considered treason, especially in denying the Russian sabotage of our elections.

Trump’s despicable policies have encouraged the rise of nationalistic and authoritarian regimes across the world. Hate crimes have risen dramatically under Trump’s presidency. Our country has been divided between the hardcore right-wing hate groups and progressives. The future of our democracy is imperiled.

Trump’s recent trip to Japan furthers this fear. The president sided with Kim over Japan and his own national security agency. Trump’s egomania can’t accept that Kim and Putin are manipulating him and playing him for the fool. If Trump is a “stable genius” as he claims, we should start seeing psychotic turkeys obtaining college degrees. The myth of his business acumen has been shattered. Trump doesn’t even read books to improve his minuscule knowledge, and he watches the right-wing, fake-news conspiracy theorists on Fox News.

Trump plays on people’s fears and stupidity to ferment an ugly America. Disaster aid is being denied to those who had homes destroyed by recent storms. What little honor and decency we have left is being buried under an avalanche of toxic waste, and it stinks.

John T. Weber,


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