Banjo attack strikes chord

Denton — where music lovers can get beat up by a drunk wielding a banjo.

As a banjo player myself, I’ve never considered my instrument that much of a weapon. I always figured the music emanating from it could cause near insanity and high anxiety, but to use it as a bludgeon? Reminds me of the ’60s cartoon character El Kabong!

Some of you might remember that. I’m anxious to see what some lunatic will do with an accordion! Musical instruments can be deadly in the wrong hands; maybe we should register them. Harmonica players beware!

J Aaron Cundall,


Remove abomination from team 

There is a problem with a player on the U.S. women’s soccer team. The captain of the team is Megan Rapinoe. She has publicly stated she will not stand for our national anthem, nor will she recite the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.

She has a right to her opinions and views, but when you play for our national team, you should not be permitted to denigrate the United States of America while in the United States. It is absolutely forbidden on foreign soil.

She must be removed from the U.S. women’s national soccer team immediately. If this means losing the tournament, so be it. Loyalty to your home country when playing for one of our national teams rises above winning.

I question the loyalty of the United States Soccer Federation, the coaches, other players and sponsors for allowing this abomination to exist on our U.S. women’s national soccer team.

Millions of men and women have died to protect her right to free speech, but not when you play for one of our national sports teams.

Michael Schroeder,


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