God’s protection

This topic was given by my friend Doris Stinnett. I heard my friend blow her horn. I said, “I’m coming, Doris.”

I was locking my door when I felt myself rolling from the top to the bottom of the stairs. I didn’t hit the ground; I didn’t touch the rails. I knew it was God protecting me from the fall. He’s always been my all and all. Nothing but a left broken thumb. He kept me from danger and harm. I didn’t leave this world. Thank you, God.

I ask God these questions: God, is it because I really love you, trust, worship you, obey you? I pray over my medication before I take it and visit the sick and shut-in. I wrote these three men who were in prison, and all three were released.

Put the daily word on the doors of the one not able to get out and hear your holy word. Pray for the homeless, sick and shut-in. Visit the nursing home.

Thank you, God, for sparing my life. I give you all the glory and praise. This song came to my mind. You bought me, Lord. You paid the price. I belong to you.

Neomia Sawyer,


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