Exit traffic circle into nightmare

In support of the roundabout at Scripture and Bonnie Brae, yes, it does seem like a lot of money for one intersection, and the street pavement is in need of repair, but I can see why this is a good solution.

First, the cost of constructing a roundabout is usually just a little more than a signal light, but in the long run when maintenance is considered, the roundabout is cheaper. Also, the roundabout is safer and moves traffic better. Also, I don’t know the details, but often federal transportation dollars are available for capital improvement projects and not for pavement maintenance.

On a side note, pavement maintenance is a problem. The money collected from cars and trucks in the form of gas tax and license fees is not enough to pay for the wear and tear that is done by those vehicles. In addition, high-efficiency vehicles such as the hybrids pay little gas tax and still wear the road like any other car. Trucks clearly do the most damage, and we must find a way to fairly pay for the pavement preservation.

So with all the development on the west side of town, I can see that the intersection of Scripture and Bonnie Brae will be a nightmare in the future.

Rob Foster,

Forest Grove, Oregon

Cuba made its choice

In response to William Reed’s letter titled “Compassion Replaced with Cruelty,” published June 16:

With all due respect to Mr. Reed, the only one responsible for the plight of the Cuban people is the socialist/communist Cuban government. Had the Cuban government honored the commitment it made to President Obama, the man you described would still be rowing tourists ashore.

Keeping commitments or not has a price. Cuba had a choice. It made its choice. The results of that choice lie squarely on the shoulders of the Cuban government.

Your ire, sir, is misplaced.

Mark Miller,


Ignoring the Hillary elephant

The essay published June 16 in the Denton Record-Chronicle by Michael Bloomberg on foreign meddling left out the elephant in the room: Hillary Clinton reportedly laundered money through a law firm and Glenn Simpson to hire Christopher Steele, a foreigner, to dig up Russian lies about Trump.

Apparently, the media think paid-for foreign dirt and lies are perfectly fine as long as it is done by a Democrat anyway. James Comey thought so, too, as the FBI not only released the lies to the media but reportedly used the information to lie to the court and obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

The media ignore all of this, showing their political bias. They would rather report on lies and unnamed sources than facts against a Democrat.

Larry Moudy,

Valley View

Pillowy mounds of the north 

So north Denton gets dirt mounds to help ameliorate traffic noise. South Denton needs them as well, since the Interstate 35E enhancements have enabled many residential areas to now be able to boast about a whitewater rapids-like constant roar of metal, concrete and fossil fuels. Lovely.

And while we’re in some sort of construction bubble frenzy, we might as well install these dirt mounds overhead in the sky as well, since the FAA recently seems to think south Denton neighborhoods around Pecan Creek Elementary are a great place to constantly fly over, up to every two minutes, hours at a time. Because apparently the FAA needed a multimillion-dollar satellite system to tell them they would save fuel costs by flying in straight lines. Brilliant.

Perhaps next time I go to the grocery store, I should adopt the same “NextGen” fuel cost-cutting methods and drive in a direct line to the store, the well-being of homes, yards, parks, businesses, etc., all just collateral damage to my so-called efficiency!

Matt Montoya,


Help seniors avoid eviction

With interest, I read Dave Lieber’s breakdown of the new state property tax laws in the June 16 Denton Record-Chronicle. Legislators tried to fix it and — for the most part — I think they failed.

In their next session, legislators need to address the situation regarding senior citizens. Many seniors in Texas face “economic eviction” because of Texas property tax laws. Seniors do have the benefit of a freeze on school taxes plus the $35,000 exemption. The $35,000 does not go far enough.

Many seniors suffered through the dot-com crash of the early 2000s and the housing crisis beginning in 2007. These events hurt their retirement dollars. I think it would behoove all seniors to request their legislators to help end senior citizen “economic eviction” by an increase from $35,000 to an exemption of $105,000 and reset the freeze. Such a change would help seniors live lives freer from the worry of “economic eviction” caused by the Texas property tax system.

Aside from that, seniors don’t place burdens on the school system. Let those who use the schools pay for the schools.

John Okonski,

Providence Village

Who you gonna call?

Tick-tock, tick-tock, inch by inch, step by step, closer and closer, the evil beast is dragging his clanking chains down the rickety basement stairs to crawl back in the dank, dark sewer hole from whence he came. Unfortunately, the destruction he left behind will echo down the decades as the greatest presidential disaster in history.

Where were the Ghostbusters when we needed them? Where was Van Helsing? Where were Blade and Buffy? Where was Edgar and Alan Frog, Hellboy, Captain Kronos, Ellen Ripley, Solomon Kane?

Alas, we were abandoned by the greatest monster hunters when we needed them most. I wish our monster president was fiction, but unfortunately that is not the case. The nightmare is real. We cannot destroy the Donald door. We can only vote it (him) out of office.

We can only hope James P. “Sulley” Sullivan and Mike Wazowski can come and help with the cleanup.

John T. Weber,


Disappointed by distastefulness 

I am really disappointed by the June 18 guest essay by Larry Beck. There was absolutely no substance and no factual information. It was a gross personal platform bashing the president of the United States!

I don’t care if he doesn’t like the man — for you to post something like that, with a lack of substance or a single fact, is utterly distasteful.

Whitney Donohue,


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