Resist overreach of cults

Even if an American citizen is a woman, she has a constitutionally protected right to privacy over her own body, and she has a right to prevent a man from violating her body and forcing her to become pregnant. For government to compel that woman to honor the rapist by forcing her to carry that fetus for nine months and to risk her life by giving birth is the height of governmental overreach and oppression.

The U.S. Constitution sought to keep religion out of government for good reason because we now see religious cults pressuring government to prohibit women from choosing abortion. Religionists confuse the Bible passages that refer to the process of gestation with the end product, a breathing, living being with a soul created by God, Genesis 2:7. Religionists dishonestly misallocate scientific terminology for “living being” when science makes no claim that a fetus has a soul or spirit or that God is observed forming the fetus, which, science claims, is a product of evolution.

Nowhere in the Bible is conception or a fetal heartbeat proof of life; they are only steps in the gestation of living cells completed when the newborn breathes.

The original framers of the U.S. Constitution did not define a zygote or fetus as a person.

Religious cults can believe whatever nonsense they wish but must be resisted when they force their beliefs on all Americans.

A woman alone chooses what happens within her body.

Walter Lindrose,


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