Red-light runners still on the hook

With the ending of Denton’s red-light cameras, $6.7 million in unpaid tickets dating back to 2006 is forgiven. The reason given is because nonpayment is unenforceable. It would be helpful to know more about these reasons. Is there a statute of limitations? Or does this just reinforce the practice of scofflaws? Or shows that some are above the law?

Maybe all these non-payers could be sent a dripping-with-guilt letter letting them know they will be watched?

How about from now on providing those who run stop signs with at least one “get out of jail free” coupon?

I was ticketed for a “rolling Hollywood” stop sign violation a few years ago — I promptly paid the fine plus taking the online insurance course. If you do the crime, don’t whine, just do the time.

John Hipple,


Roundabout time to fix city streets

The Denton Record-Chronicle and North Texas Daily recently had stories outlining the future roundabout at Bonnie Brae and Scripture, at a cost of $3.4 million. This is an obscene waste of taxpayer money.

I challenge anyone reading this to letter to drive half a mile in any direction from your home without encountering a road in a state of severe disrepair.

Denton needs to crawl before it walks. Presently, it’s barely sitting up.

Mike Barnett,


Compassion replaced with cruelty

The ability to hurt people you don’t know, never will know and simply don’t care about has been honed to a fine edge by the president of the United States. The very man (whom 30% of you would probably vote for again) has turned on the helpless Cuban people.

We were in Cuba six months ago, and the guide was on constant lookout for cooking oil. Not a specific kind but any at all. Crowds formed outside the grocery stores on the rumor there were eggs or cheese, or chicken.

A man who rowed us out to see some flamingos was a government worker and was paid 10 CUC a month. A CUC is worth about $1.10 U.S. dollars. He was paid the equivalent of $11 a month. His hands had deep calluses, and he just wanted it to go back the way it was. He made more in tips than salary, and now Trump has pushed him farther into the same mud those flamingos walked on.

You, those of you who voted for Trump, should be proud of the power of the United States to squash a simple boat rower.

Trump has made thousands hungry and hardened the Cuban government’s position. Do you feel proud to be a Republican?

Now, if the guide finds cooking oil, she might not be able to buy it. The challenge to just find food will get worse.

Long live the mighty hand of suppression. Cruelty has replaced compassion. Your silence only emboldens Trump.

William Reed,


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