Cruz does a heart good

It did my heart good to read that Sen. Ted Cruz took a strong stance against the president’s irrational proposal regarding establishing tariffs on imports from Mexico.

That proposal would have harsh consequences for Texas and the nation.

I hope both of our senators will take strong, rational stances on other issues facing our nation. We need to move ahead with legislation on pathways toward citizenship, quality health care, improvements of our roads and bridges, fair and rational approaches to reproductive rights, and educational support.

The issues of separation of powers and the concept of checks and balances between the president and Congress need to be addressed.

Our senators, in the past, have identified themselves as strong supporters of the Constitution. It is time for them to be consistent in following these beliefs with action.

At this point in time, it seems that the House is willing to put forward legislation but the Senate fails to move on these bills. This has to stop.

More leadership from our senators would be helpful.

John Hipple,


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