What’s going on is not a pretty sight

In our USA, the Republican Party is determined to destroy the republic and disenfranchise everyone but the wealthy and well-connected. The insurrection against the Capitol, the incessant drumbeat of the big lie being foisted upon us, and the obvious complicity of many in Congress in the whole sorry affair reveal the final frontal assault the GOP is making to achieve what it has endeavored since Roosevelt and the end of World War II.

What we are seeing happening in Mexico for the last 80 years and in the USA since 1944 is nothing less than the lust of the haves to establish and hold a fascist dictatorship, and to crush any and all who oppose them. If you think for a minute that the Trump contingent in Congress is amenable to working in a bipartisan fashion, you are sadly mistaken, as is Joe Manchin of West Virginia. All they offer is lip service in their efforts to buy time until the midterm elections.

The fall of the Weimar Republic in Germany with the subsequent chilling rise to power of Hitler should be sufficiently instructive for anyone to understand what is going on here, and it is not a pretty sight.

John Zeigler,


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