What leads Stucky to lend support?

The Denton Record-Chronicle article from June 5-6 on how local legislators’ bills fared skimmed over critical aspects related to voter suppression legislation, redistricting and the onerous bill that would criminalize educated and concerned parents of transgender children who would elect to allow surgery that would accommodate how those children gender identify.

Fortunately, HB68 died in committee without ever seeing a floor vote. This overreaching bill was co-authored by Rep. Lynn Stucky, leaving me to wonder what possessed him to consider government intervention that presupposes outsiders are better suited than the individual, their family and their personal doctor to plan their future.

Secondly, states are obliged by law to change district lines every 10 years to reflect population growth. It has, however, become an obvious partisan tool known as gerrymandering to draw lines in a manner that serves the majority party’s self-interest rather than reflecting the shared interests of voters who live in close proximity to each other. Which will be Rep. Stucky’s guide?

Lastly, there’s his concern that both parties need to “work together to come up with a bill that makes it easier to vote and harder to cheat.” Yet the bill initiated by the GOP caucus seems aimed at achieving the opposite. Without providing any evidence that such actions are required, Texas Republicans appear more inclined to propose a solution in need of a problem in order to hold onto power they fear they’ll lose as Texas voters of color start outnumbering whites in the near future.

Should Rep. Stucky read this Opinion page, it’s hoped he’ll be moved to give voters a clearer picture on what leads him to support legislation that seems to be at odds with many of our democratic principles. His silence, I suspect, would speak volumes.

Larry Beck,


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