God wrote the Constitution?

As a longtime resident of Denton and a longtime Christian, since age 12, and a veteran, I would like to know what the “God-given constitutional rights” are.

Did God write the Constitution? Does this mean you do have to follow federal regulations on a flight or follow the rules of a private business? I have house rules: no smoking.

Richard Pentecost,


Denton’s rough roads

Well, maybe it is just a bump in the road. Right! I can only imagine that in days past, with dirt roads and covered wagons, that the ride was a little rough. Not sure it was any more bone-shaking than it is currently.

Now that I travel on the streets of Denton, I have a constant reminder. It is hard to find a smooth street in this town. Money not spent on street renewal is being used to build great new courthouses and county headquarters, etc. They may claim that tax revenues are down, but with all the new housing I doubt that.

I travel around this state, or I did for a good while, and these are among the worst streets I have ever encountered. Do the ones in charge ever go out for a ride or just study budget worksheets?

Let’s worry less about social experiments or woke endeavors and make the roads less likely to cause vehicle damage.

Bruce Johnson,


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