A question for Sen. Bernie Sanders

I was listening to Sen. Bernie Sanders explain how it is everyone’s right to have “free education,” and so we should pay out up to $100,000 to anyone who wants to go to college. Same with health care, but I’ll get there later.

My question for Comrade Sanders is why are you only giving money to the college-bound? Why not give every 18-year-old, say, $75,000, even the ones like me and my son who went straight to work from school? Aren’t we worthy? The school of hard knocks is hard and worthy of some lovin’ too!

Is that deal only for the future Democratic voters who have gone through the indoctrination of “everything America has ever done is bad” that’s taught at our universities and will pass that on? Sanders says income inequality foments political discord. What a load! I’ve never resented the rich because I see hope when I see rich folks not despair. It’s lies that they know won’t get fact-checked as long as you dangle freebies.

It’s the same with health care. It is messed up big time, but you don’t kill gnats with sledgehammers. To go from our system to just handing it over to an inept government not capable of organizing a cake sale would be catastrophic!

When you work for the government, or are dependent on them, you quit! You quit caring about other people or yourself. You know you can’t get fired, and you just want your free stuff.

Daniel Ferguson,


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