Epstein is height of judicial irony

Important to note in articles about Alexander Acosta (former U.S. secretary of labor and former U.S. attorney in Florida) is the fact that the sentence for Jeffrey Epstein, originally for 15 months in prison, was reduced to 13 months in jail (not prison) with a release from jail 12 hours a day, six days a week, so he could continue his work as a hedge fund manager.

This arrangement is the height of judicial irony and, in my opinion, the total opposite of imprisonment. Plus, all of this “legal arrangement” was “secret.” No wonder that Epstein was able to convince people he was continuing his life as usual.

Carol Rowley,


Why do we put up with this guy?

Where is the moral outrage? On the front page of the July 9 Denton Record-Chronicle is the headline “Burgess on the border,” where our congressman smilingly justifies government-sponsored child abuse by saying that since there is a small chance that these children — ripped from the arms of the mothers, aunts and grandmothers — might just possibly be trafficked, they should be incarcerated. So we put toddlers without adult care on concrete floors in their own waste.

President Trump’s own Department of Homeland Inspector General’s report condemned the conditions in detention centers for migrants seeking asylum. The report confirmed the charges of poor food, overcrowding and unsanitary conditions. This, compounded by news reports, testimonies of released children and their attorneys’ and congressional testimonies, means no one has an excuse for not knowing how children are made to suffer.

If someone in Denton erected a tent over a concrete floor and stuffed it with toddlers and young children so we could hear them crying and moaning, almost every Denton resident would be outraged and would rectify the situation. The fact that these outrages at the border are happening in Texas makes it even worse. Do Texans really put up with this?

Michael Burgess does. He sits laughing and joking with reporters, delaying any trip to the border until July 19. No sense of urgency there. Why do we put up with this guy?

Walter Lindrose,


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