Call for ordinance: Eliminate eyesores 

There needs to be an ordinance for county residents to keep their property kept up and not an eyesore. For properties like I see coming into Denton weekly in the city limits, the city would have a contractor mow and clean the property and then bill the owner or put a lien on the property.

Unkempt property cannot allow drainage to eliminate the mosquitoes that cause the West Nile and Zika viruses. There are other problems, also — mice, field rats, skunks, snakes. The worst is a fire hazard due to the dry, hot weather, which soon will be here.

Residents in the county should be proud of their property. Those who do not agree — look and see how your neighbors care for their property. Do not harm their value or yours by being lazy.

Dan Christian,


Census does not belong to president

How can it be that Hugh Hewitt, in his July 1 essay, thinks “the census belongs to the president” when the Constitution of the United States says in Article I that the purpose of the census is to apportion representatives and direct taxes among the states according to their respective numbers as enumerated every 10 years and in a manner as directed by laws established by the Congress?

Hewitt seems to be trying to pull the wool over all readers of his opinion piece published in The Washington Post and subsequently in this newspaper.

George Mitchell,


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