The need to build up, not tear down

Kamala Harris has taken a cheap shot at Joe Biden to make political hay. Her willingness to turn against someone who has been friendly to the cause of racial harmony makes one wonder whom she will target next.

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin the year she was born, and I and many other Anglo folk have worked shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters of color, marching, sitting in, protesting and working for equality. She has dissed a friend and colleague, failing to give him his props.

It is easy to judge the past through the lens of the present, using hindsight to justify bad behavior now. None of our work is perfect, but we have done the best we knew and know how, always aware that we must strive to improve and build upon the foundations that have been laid, rather than to tear down the structures we have started together.

John Zeigler,


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