Seeking answers about our roads

In your June 29 Hugs & Shrugs editorial, you stated that Sally Beauty owed the newspaper access to local business executives because Denton residents wanted straight answers.

I do not know about straight answers from Sally Beauty, but we sure could use some from the Texas Department of Transportation and the city of Denton. Maybe they owe you, too! Why has all work on FM2181/Teasley Lane ceased? Should have been completed by now. (Not even any equipment sitting on the side of the road.)

How come the roadway to connect the east side of Brinker Road with the west Interstate 35E service road is being delayed until the last part of the project? Would not that being open relieve congestion from the Loop 288/I-35E intersection? That kind of working together is what TxDOT and the city does not do.

Maybe you could do some investigative journalism and find out why the relationship between the two has been so bad for the residents for so long. Probably something as silly as a couple, one works for one, the other for the other, got divorced, and no matter what, it is a bad idea and I’m not doing it. I think that is what you owe us residents.

Don French,


Editor’s note: The stoppage on Teasley was explained in this February article: https://bit.ly/2RKj2Li.

Refreshing take from MSNBC on guns

Waking up? This article is from Page 77 of the July 2019 issue of the NRA magazine American Rifleman.

Sometimes even the worst of the media inadvertently stumble upon the truth. On April 30, MSNBC reported that the socialist government of Venezuela was running over citizens with armored vehicles.

MSNBC reporter Kerry Sanders, seeking to explain how the government could oppress the population to this extent, invoked the disparity of power between the government and the people.

He noted: “You have to understand, in Venezuela gun ownership is not something that is open to everybody. So if the military have the guns, they have the power, and as long as Nicolas Maduro controls the military, he controls the country.”

These admissions, however unwitting, were a refreshing contrast from the usual MSNBC rhetoric that tends to favor the most far-reaching forms of gun control. But while the political elite hide behind the guise of “common-sense gun laws,” in reality they believe that they should be the only ones protected by guns. The rest of the population, in their view, is not to be trusted.

Anti-gun MSNBC made a big mistake in actually promoting the need for the Second Amendment! The public has the right to protect themselves from criminals and governments run like the Maduros of this world.

The men and women of the NRA have understood this since 1871. Sad that this lesson has come too late for the people of Venezuela.

Jim Penton,


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