‘We’ vs. ‘they’

A writer on the Opinion page says that President Trump is demonizing those that oppose him and his followers as by calling them “They.”

“They” want to use everything “they” can to destroy what President Trump wants to do to MAGA. Him winning any issue on anything reminds them that President Trump defeated what would have been the worst president this country ever had! I like the word “we” when he uses it to describe himself and his followers.

The writer describes President Trump as his “leader.” What a crock. He is a “they” in my estimation. Remember that socialism is based on the fact that everything the public needs will be given to them. A saying goes that you can live off someone else’s money till the “someone else” runs out of money. Then, the USA will become a horrid disaster.

Capitalism that is currently running this country goes something like this: You work for your money. Take care of family and self. Save and prudently invest. Then with the balance you can enjoy the freedoms the United States has to offer.

Remember that the strongest thing “we” possess to keep this country going like it rarely has been before is the ballot. 2020 will continue the success we have going today or put us on the road to communism that has led to the death of over 100 million people.

Will you be one of them? Think about it.

Jim Penton,


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