Let’s not make patriotism a test

I have lived in Texas for 47 years and consider myself a proud Texan and American, but I am not proud of what I have heard in the past few days.

A president who says that his opponents should leave this country because they are not proud Americans. Then the Republican status quo will not reply to these racist comments.

When a country makes patriotism a test, then it fails to be a democratic republic. So if when you do not say the pledge you are an anti-American, if you do not stand for the national anthem you are worse.

The Nazis enforced patriotism — is that what we want?

Rich Pentecost,


What all Americans should know

The excellent essay published July 11 by Marc Thiessen, titled “America is better than ‘just OK’,” is certainly more than timely in today’s political age. Thiessen points out that America is much better than “just OK.” His essay should be required reading or discussion for every student old enough to read in America, including college students, many of whom know little of, or care about, the history or accomplishments of our country.

He explains, in essence, that without America’s strength and involvement during World War II, we and most of Europe would now be speaking German, under control of the Nazi regime. After the war, with our Marshall Plan, America helped the defeated countries of Japan, Italy and Germany recover and our allies to rebuild — without taking any land for ourselves — as did the USSR.

He states: “Today, for all its flaws, America remains the freest, most innovative, most prosperous country in the history of the world. … There’s a reason we have a crisis on our southern border; millions want to come here so that they can share … in American prosperity.” He attributes our success as the world’s leading democracy to the foresight of our Founding Fathers and our ongoing military capabilities.

This is stuff all Americans should know.

Scott B. Walker,


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