It’s not Trump’s fault

It never ceases to amaze me what lengths the Socialist Democratic Party will go to blame President Trump for — well, anything. I am appalled at the use of a “picture” of a deceased El Salvadoran man and his daughter under his T-shirt on the bank of the Rio Grande River. Really? That’s Trump’s fault?

The New York Times reported that the man was hoping to apply for asylum before he tried to swim the Rio Grande with the child on his back, under his shirt. That blame lies directly on the man, period, end of sentence. We owe nothing to people coming out of Mexico or anywhere else illegally. If they want asylum let them apply for it through the proper channels. If they get it, fine; if not, stay home — don’t try to sneak across.

You complain about cages for children. Trump didn’t build that; Barack Obama built those. Clinton and wife, George Bush and Obama all called for tighter boarder security, but it took President Trump to quit talking about it and get it started.

More people are working; the economy is stronger than ever; and America is looking stronger than any time in the past 24 years under the past three presidents. Think about it, my friends — where will the Democrats get all the money for their “pie-in-the-sky” pipe dream of America in 2020? Out of your pockets.

Remember “You didn’t build this”? The Democrats did, at your expense.

James Thomason,


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