Calling out wrongs is our duty

Criticizing the president is not un-American. It is the most American of things — like baseball and apple pie.

Much as the Spray Tan Caligula tries to blur the distinction between himself and the country, they are not one and the same. He is like every other president before him, a temporary employee. In this country, we elect presidents; we don’t anoint kings. If anyone is unsure on this point, please read the Declaration of Independence.

Criticizing the policies and actions of this administration is not un-American. It is, in fact, the responsibility of every American to both call out wrongs when we see them and endeavor to fix them. Telling a person of color to “go back to their country” is among the oldest of racist tropes. To utter it is to utter a racist phrase. To utter a racist phrase makes you a racist in my book.

Whit Dieterich,

Shady Shores

Camp comparisons irresponsible

I have been hearing members of the U.S. Congress comparing the overcrowded detention centers and the people working on our southern border to Nazi concentration camps and their guards. I find this disturbing on many levels.

First is the complete ignorance of those accusers about what Nazi concentration camps and guards were truly like. Nazi concentration camps used, as the main annihilation method, hunger combined with physical exhaustion. The death of prisoners was also accelerated by other conditions of existence in the camps: the lack of proper clothes, rest and medical care, and poor sanitary conditions.

When new prisoners were brought to one of these camps, one of their many methods of humiliation was to make these people strip naked, shave all body hair and throw all their clothes into a pile. They were then issued the first article of clothing a guard touched regardless of size or gender. These are small examples of the disgusting, inhuman, barbaric conditions at real concentration camps.

Recorded testimony from a survivor of these camps told of a child crying and asking a Nazi guard where her mother was. The guard simply laughed and pointed to smoke rising from one of the gas chambers and said “there she is.”

This is what disingenuous, uneducated members of our U.S. Congress will say, simply to gain a political point or to enhance their own ambitious careers.

My question is, why is the media not holding those people accountable for their despicable, inaccurate comments?

Dennis Loccisano,


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