A look at the Democratic field

This newspaper, and certainly others, have printed enough negative, scandalous letters and columns about our president to wipe out a Canadian forest. Let’s take a focused, perhaps outrageous (think about what is said about Trump) look at the Democratic field.

Former Vice President Biden: There are enough pictures on the Internet of Biden sniffing the hair or doing other strange things with women, some very young. The unknown story is he refused the request of female Secret Service officers to wear a bathing suit at the vice president’s mansion. A pervert.

Sen. Kamala Harris: Lots of items on the internet alleging she slept her way to the top. Is that the candidate for feminists?

Former U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke: Despite an incredible PR campaign by The Dallas Morning News and other state publications, this loser (yes, he did lose) has run one of the worst presidential campaigns ever. Looks like he’s trailing Julian Castro, and that’s saying something.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: She is going to be haunted by the fact that she used her absolutely fake American Indian heritage to get placements in universities both as a student and as a professor. No, Sen. Warren, you have zero Cherokee blood.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg: Has enough trouble running troubled South Bend, Indiana.

Sen. Cory Booker: Please.

Former Sen. Hillary Clinton has got to be watching this bunch with a sly grin.

Paul Knopick,


The need for an independent board 

I have been living here in Denton for about 10 years. When I first moved here, I noticed that the City Council was rogue, doing basically what they wanted. I felt there was hope when we got a new city attorney and a new city manager. They have both done a great job with our city and our council. We elected new City Council people hoping they would do our bidding. They have proven to do their own.

We voted for an ethics board to rein in on our council and mayor. Look what happened. They chose their own board members. We do not have an independent board. They picked and chose what would be in the ethics code and then modified it. Now we have a muddied mess. When they are called on an ethics violation, they just ignore it and wiggle out of it.

We need a reformed ethics code and an independent board.

Sunny Hinojos,


There is no trust 

We cannot trust journalists nowadays. Leonard Pitts’ column published July 10 wonders how it will be with no newspapers.

He does his best to cause that, in my view.

Bob Chauncey,


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