Teasley-Dallas hardly improved

Inquiring minds want to know who the incompetent person was who decided to “improve” the intersection at Dallas Drive and Teasley Lane, which was formerly very efficient.

Now, I am unable to get to the mall or any business on the east side of Interstate 35E. If I go to Lillian Miller to traverse under I-35E to get to any businesses near the mall, the hideous mess there causes all kinds of traffic jams. Also, I am quite certain that the closing of Brookshire’s is directly attributed to the road construction since you cannot exit the parking lot onto the northbound access road due to the horrendous traffic to get to Teasley Lane.

I fear that Denton will lose the entire mall and the businesses around it. It seems to me that it would be prudent to start one project at a time. And never mind the disaster at Buc-ee’s.

However, Denton is “open” for business. Sure!

Sandra Hall,


Liars don’t like to hear the truth

The only thing worse than a poor loser is a poor and corrupt winner.

Trump was elected with the help of a hostile foreign power and did not win the popular vote. He has not accomplished anything since he has been in office to make America better or safer. Instead, he has made everything worse and set a record for over 10,000 lies, including those trying to destroy democracy and law and order.

He was charged with discrimination in court in his real estate dealings, and we all heard him bragging about his sexual assaults. Liars don’t like to hear the truth.

Louellen Stewart,


Welfare for the rich and powerful

This is in response to the June 11 letter by Marcel Didier praising big corporations and all the wonderful social programs they provide through their tax dollars.

The sad truth is many of the most prosperous and powerful corporations paid zero tax dollars last year.

This includes Amazon, Netflix and over 50 others. These companies didn’t just not “pay their fair share”; they paid nothing. Absolute zero.

It gets worse. These companies combined received over $4.5 billion in tax rebates, billion with a “B.” That’s money that we, the taxpayers, gave to them.

So I am not sure what “tax eggs” Mr. Didier is talking about — seems more like goose eggs to me.

I am not against capitalism; in fact, I wish the U.S. would give it a try — but what we have now is not capitalism. It is a welfare state for the rich and powerful paid for by us, the working people.

Damon Wadyko,


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