Make sure every vote counts

Donald Trump has had contempt for people of color for many years. I wish he would wake up one morning like Godfrey Cambridge in Watermelon Man (1970), a story of an extremely bigoted 1960s-era white insurance salesman named Jeff Gerber who wakes up to find that he has become Black. The movie brings to light how the color of a layer of skin 1.5 mm thick totally affects how a person is perceived, treated and judged.

Trump supporters who cluster together indoors while not wearing masks are seeing their COVID-19 infection rates soar. The Black Lives Matter protesters wore masks and stayed outside, so their infection rate was less than 1%.

We knew that Trump panders to despots, and he was often taken advantage of due to his stupidity and Oedipus complex. This is a major threat to national security. Now we find out his buddy Putin was paying bounties for the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. The most shocking thing is that Trump allegedly knew about it and did nothing.

The intent of the Republican Party has always been to deter minority citizens, who tend to vote Democrat, from their right to vote. The only way Republicans can stay in power is through gerrymandering and voter suppression. Our states need to offer mail-in voting, and our citizens need to make sure every vote is counted.

Trump is looking for a way to negate his coming loss in the November election by falsely claiming the votes will be rigged. Beware.

John T. Weber,


Cruel stupidity

I am so encouraged and reassured by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s assessment of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Certainly Patrick’s credentials as a politician qualify him to speak on medical issues, especially the COVID-19 virus.

Every time he opens his mouth, a toad hops out. Why does he speak out and remove all doubt about his cruel stupidity?

John Zeigler,


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