When I opened the e-Edition of Tuesday’s Denton Record-Chronicle, there was another of Al Key’s photos!

A photo of a storm cloud passing over the Denton County Courthouse on the Square in downtown Denton on Monday afternoon. I felt as if I was on the sidewalk observing this weather event.

How fortunate to have homegrown Key chasing these weather storms and sharing with Record-Chronicle subscribers.

Bill Neu,


The front page of the July 20 Denton Record-Chronicle literally made me sick. Headlines: “Foster care crisis worsens” and “Abbott plans to limit trans youth health care, sports.”

First, the foster care mess has been building for years. In spite of court orders, pleading from social workers, stinging reports from CPS and heart-wrenching reports from children in the system, no significant progress has been made.

The audacity of the evil three, Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton, who think they know more than the scientists, doctors, psychologists, educators and parents, is astounding. They are sneaking around the legislative process to achieve the evil that will harm families for a lifetime.

They do not listen to reason. They make no effort to learn the facts. They seem to take pleasure and pride in making life scary and miserable for a significant number of families.

Gloria Thomas,


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