Shrug meant as a hug?

Regarding the Denton Record-Chronicle’s Saturday Shrugs to the “folks putting up the ‘vote for me for mayor’ signs,” I was raised to consider reasons for others’ behaviors when doing something that I didn’t agree with.

Here’s my rationale for putting up my signs. After months of them sitting out, I realized they were now part of my landscape. I chose to put them up until closer to the early voting date so that people will, once again, notice them.

Maybe this particular “shrug” was really a “hug”?

Danna Zoltner,


Humanity matters

I can’t stand it any longer. “Black Lives Matter” is purely an unintelligent phrase. It lacks any common sense. More correctly it should be “Humanity Matters.”

In humanity, we would not kill people for any reason. In humanity, we would not destroy stores, buildings, cars and monuments in protest. In humanity, we would not defy those placed in authority. In humanity, we would find a way to work through wrongs in a peaceable fashion.

Whether you are young or old, white, black or brown, I think you can see how absolutely wrong you are if you throw your support behind the BLM. I see that even mothers and fathers are promoting this with their children. How utterly ridiculous! You parents wish to leave this legacy with your children. In my book you are absolutely nuts. Teach humanity; don’t push hate upon them.

Take a thorough look through our history. If you wish to get a pretty good history, look at the Grant series that was on the History Channel recently. You can see it “on demand.” It might be enlightening to both Republicans and Democrats alike.

The entire history of the Democrat Party, it has promoted hate and oppression. I have said it before, and I will say it again — the entire platform of the Democrat Party right from the Civil War to even this day has been one of destruction at all costs. Is that what we are going through now? It seems that way to me.

Unfortunately, the Democrats have played the Black race for a bunch fools. Don’t be their Stepin Fetchit. Why even Biden said If you don’t vote Democrat, “you ain’t Black.” Wake up and don’t be played for fools.

John Okonski,

Providence Village

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