A common purpose among faiths

Last Friday evening, I was one of over 35 Daughters of Abraham and their families who attended Friday night Shabbat services at Congregation Kol Ami in Flower Mound.

We had Christian, Muslim and Jewish sisters there and found common purpose in our faiths. Rabbi Geoffrey Dennis led the service and took the time to explain to all of us the different parts and rituals of the service. He even included one of the Muslim children to help in opening the ark.

His sermon spoke of how much we need each other and how important it is to be there for others, no matter their faith. The warmth and compassion were felt by all, and it made us know how dependent we are on each other for peace.

Thank you to Kol Ami for opening their hearts and their doors to us.

Lynne Moore,


The first step toward the end

By acquitting President Donald Trump, Senate Republicans have badly damaged our Constitution and the rule of law. They now say that it is OK for Trump to ban congressional oversight, even though the Constitution demands it. They also say that Trump can do any misdeed as long as he does it to get reelected (or says so).

What are the limits if soliciting foreign election help and threatening witnesses aren’t impeachable? I believe there are none. Among other acts, Trump could fire anyone he hates, build anything he wants, assassinate anyone (citizens too?), withhold congressionally appropriated aid, recall ambassadors for corrupt reasons, investigate rivals, close polling places, start wars, extort anyone, dangle pardons and pay bribes.

Trump can now do great damage to our elections in his remaining term. Even worse, a precedent has been set for future presidents to abuse their power. The Senate Republicans have made presidents dictators for a four-year term. This is the first step toward the end of our democracy. We must do what we can to stop this.

Bob Michaelsen,


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