The trees are being butchered

Denton wants to be known for its trees, which I agree with, as do many others.

There’s one drawback and that is the utility companies that provide aerial facilities to our homes and businesses. Power companies, telephone and cable companies are all guilty in the city limits as well as in the county.

How, you may ask? It’s the way their employees or contractors trim trees around their lines. In my opinion, they butcher the trees. They cut more limbs off one side, and this causes the tree to be out of balance due to one side being heavier that the other, causing it to lean toward the street or someone’s property. In some cases, the side that was trimmed starts to die due to no treatment on them.

This is not hard to notice. Just look up and pay attention.

Examples: Austin Street from Oakland to Hann Street; North Elm eastside; and Jim Chrystal Road from Masch Branch Road to C Wolfe Road in the city limits, but there are many more locations in the east part of the county — Krum, Ponder, Stony, where trees are now being trimmed. These areas are easier to notice now since all the foliage is off the trees.

I hope the city and county officials will notice what’s being done to the trees — after all, they help the air we all breathe.

Dan Christian,


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