Texas leaders out of touch

Ross Ramsey’s Feb. 19 guest essay was spot-on in addressing the question he posed: “Do the people running state government in Texas know what they’re doing?”

The utter failure of those responsible at the highest levels for keeping Texans safe were far better at finger pointing and dangling distracting shining objects in front of us than they were preparing this state for what will likely be recorded as “the greatest forced blackout in U.S. history.”

I was just disappointed that he didn’t highlight those failures of our two most recent governors.

Rick Perry’s absurd notion that Texans would be glad to suffer several days of heatless homes and frozen water pipes to prevent interference from federal regulations in our state and Greg Abbott’s whimsical contention that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal would have hurt us worse had it been in place are comments of politicians who are simply out of touch with reality.

Was it not the federal government in the form of FEMA shipping generators, water, food and clothing almost immediately to Texans hard-hit by this winter storm? And we find out on Feb. 18 that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raised over $1 million for relief efforts in Texas in about four hours. A New York Democrat did this while our own Sen. Ted Cruz went gallivanting off to Cancun, Mexico, with his family at this critical time.

How do these people keep from choking on their own boastful contentions of being proud Texans?

Larry Beck,


Left out in the cold

I’ve been thinking and listening to critics, politicians and Corporate Texas begin to spin this whole arctic blast sequence of events; rolling blackouts, drip your pipes, conserve energy, don’t drip your pipes; you know those little comforts in life manipulated by capital gain at the expense of human lives, broken pipes and uncomfortable room temperatures. Or maybe even a visit to your local hotel or emergency room.

So the crazy spin on this is that Texans consumed too much energy and water during this cold spell, making it look like we, the consumers, are to blame. The real blame is the big energy companies that for the sake of profit did not purchase enough propane to keep up with demand. We trusted these corporations to keep us warm and safe.

The idea of purchasing a product at market value is absurd when it comes to planning for a catastrophic event such as this. These companies literally left us out in the cold. As a teacher, my thoughts are this: Your idea of an emergency is in actual fact a lack of planning.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) just made an “F.”

Paul Greco,


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