Pointing out flaws is not hate

Lee Nahrgang’s Feb. 9 letter titled “Hatred Turns Off People” presents comments presumably excerpted from Denton Record-Chronicle letters criticizing Donald Trump, et al. What I read are not comments of hate, but perceptions that reflect reality. Pointing out flaws and egregious actions in politicians is not necessarily hateful. And if we’re comparing hateful comments over the past five years, Donald Trump is clearly the winner.

Speaking of winners, the letter writer’s statement, “although I believe there’s evidence of cheating, there’s no proof the election was stolen, so we must accept a perhaps illegitimate Biden/Harris administration,” should turn off all rational people regardless of political persuasion. If there’s “no proof” or evidence the election was stolen, then we should ask what the author’s real motive was for adding “perhaps illegitimate.”

Was it perhaps a bit hateful?

Lloyd Fitzpatrick,


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