America's orange 'IT'

A freaky orange clown climbed out of the sewer under Derry and has been reaching out to snatch children from their parents’ arms on our southern border. IT is gathering children by the thousands, packing them in its spider’s cage. Now it is even weirdly snatching parents and leaving their crying children behind. What a horrible, sick, corrupt orange clown.

The orange IT is traumatizing our nation. IT, for those that didn’t read Stephen King’s book, was actually a huge spider that presented itself as a clown to trap children. Our IT laid its eggs in the sewer, and now a hoard of orange baby arachnids are scattering across our nation poisoning the minds and bodies of the uneducated and foolish.

The inflicted lose their ability to think and reason, like a cockroach led by a wasp down into its burrow to be food for its young. Will they awake before being eaten alive? It’s doubtful, as they are now zombies with no mind or will of their own. The pandemic spreads. Sad.

Now for you skeptics, I didn’t one time say President Trump was a fool, orange clown, misogynist, racist or that Republicans were white nationalist bigots. It’s hard, but I try.

John T. Weber,


Remember the US motto

I would remind the author of the Aug. 14 letter titled “Praise for President Trump’s rhetoric” that the motto of the United States is not “In God We Trust”; it is “E Pluribus Unum” — out of many, one.

Jane Tanner,


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