Delightful surprise

Creature in the clouds! What a pleasure to see one more of Al Key’s nature photos in the July 30 edition on the front page of the Denton Record-Chronicle. Those of you who have been long-term subscribers to the paper like me have seen Key’s photos on a regular basis for years. Since his retirement, they have been much less frequent.

I, for one, enjoy more frequent photos by AL Key/For the DRC.

Bill Neu,


Nothing compares to print

It was bittersweet to read Bob James’ July 30 essay titled “Newspapers a force for light and right in need of your support.”

I come from a newspaper family. My father was hired by E.K. Gaylord after he graduated from Oklahoma State University as a personnel director for the Daily Oklahoman. He was a wounded war veteran and was grateful for the job. I grew up with a respect and gratitude toward the Fourth Estate that survives to this day.

With social media, I see the death of the printed word and grieve its demise. The internet is a wonderful tool, but a newspaper held in your hands opens up possibilities that the computer can’t provide.

Finishing a crossword, word scramble or sudoku with pencil or pen is the ultimate satisfaction. My refrigerator is full of cartoons that speak to me. I clip and mail articles to friends and family that might interest them. When I taught, my bulletin board was full of subject-related cartoons (it’s amazing how many apply to math, English, history, geography, the arts). The printed word is magical, and nothing compares to it.

Please support the newspaper of your choice (or more than one, if possible)!

Danna Zoltner,


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