Solution is cultural, not governmental

Nonstop CNN, MSNBC drumbeat since Aug. 4: Trump and guns …Trump and guns … Trump and guns.

While our hearts break over the senseless loss of life in El Paso and Dayton, assigning blame to our president or the availability of guns in the USA is simply kindergarten analysis. The real problem lies much deeper and strikes at the very heart of modern culture.

The vast majority of these mass shootings over the past decade are less about “domestic terrorism” or even ideology than about an entire lost generation of males ages 15 to 30. Data reveal 95% of these shooters grew up in fatherless homes lacking boundaries, accountability or role models that even the most dedicated single moms are unable to provide. The worst cases become soulless, rudderless, having no hope for the future and seek adulation or notoriety in whatever evil manner they can muster.

Yes, some of these shooters may wrap themselves in ideology or “causes” (ex: white supremacy or racism), but the root cause is more often a young man simply unable to grasp reality or see any hope in life as they have come to know it, i.e. a total lack of spiritual guidance or strong family background.

There is no government solution here. Only a people or cultural remedy. So keep bashing Trump and guns while the countdown continues until the next public massacre.

David Zoltner,


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