A couple questions for a Dreamer

I read the article in the Aug. 4 paper about the young man Juan Carlos Cerda. He is a very smart young man to have come as far as he has. I would like to understand, because I don’t know, why this young man or any dreamer is not already a citizen. He has been here since he was 7 years old. Why has he not applied for citizenship? Does he have a Social Security card, Texas driver’s license, or Texas ID card? I cannot do anything without these items. If so, how does he get them without being a citizen and showing his birth certificate?

It has been many years since I was in school as I am past 80 years, so I don’t know or even remember what the law is. I know some of your regular writers will let me know; they sure have some interesting comments!

Loretta Jeter,


Consider all cases before judging one

After reading Gary Ardis’ letter to the editor on July 25, I do have to agree that all Germans must be liars. How could the Germans not have known what Hitler was saying and doing? After all, I am sure that Hitler tweeted daily on what he was doing. Also, with social media, the news must have reached all Germans. So how could they not have known?

I am German. My family suffered greatly during those times. My small hometown was bombed, and there was barely any food to feed the whole family. I lost four uncles in their late teens/early 20s. They did not have a choice to go to war. Newspaper and radio reporting was very controlled. There were no concentration camps in their area. My family didn’t even know what concentration camps were all about. Even after the war was over and news trickled through, my family could not imagine it to be true. When Allied Forces moved in and discovered the concentration camps, they themselves did not want to believe what they were seeing.

My family members who survived the war and are still living are scared to death of yet another war. We believe in the rule of law, and integrity is very important to us. Please don’t judge all Germans by the actions and/or knowledge of some!

Doris Britt,


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