The time to impeach is now

I disagree with my Democratic friend who wrote July 10 that President Trump should not be impeached now. If Republicans were in the driver’s seat, somebody would have been impeached by now.

Democrats, who have historically been wimps, use the excuse “Look what happened to President Clinton when the Senate refused to convict him: His popularity grew, and he got reelected. The same will happen with Trump.”

Clinton was not reelected because of this. He was reelected because he balanced the budget, kept us out of war, presided over the longest peacetime economic expansion, brought Israel and the Palestinian National Authority together with the Oslo Accord, brought about significant drops in unemployment and poverty rates, signed the Family and Medical Leave Act, fought for education reforms, also making higher education more affordable, regulated crime through the largest crime bill in U.S. history, and on and on.

With Republican tactics of doctored videos, lies, sabotage and voter suppression, Trump quite possibly could get reelected. And probably still control the Senate.

Then the wimpish Democrats will probably say, “Oh shucks, golly gee, maybe we can impeach him posthumously.” Democrats, impeach this demented president in the House now, just to put another stain on his already-stained record.

Jim Stodola,


Let’s face the facts

With self-esteem too, rejecting truth and reality in favor of irrational or wishful thinking leads to failure. Everyone does need a certain amount of self-esteem, but to have a positive effect and to avoid disaster, self-esteem must be deserved by being based on real accomplishment.

In Learned Optimism, Martin E.P. Seligman asks why, in a country with ever-increasing prosperity, there is among young people today an epidemic of depression, drug addiction and violence. He mentions a study showing that violent criminals have unrealistically high self-esteem. Seligman suggests that when the real world clashes with their unrealistically high opinion of themselves, some will lash out violently in frustration. Others will collapse in depression and perhaps turn to suicide or self-medicate with drugs or alcohol.

We harm our children if, to please them, we encourage them to believe they are superior simply because they exist. We must praise their real accomplishments but also teach them that they will often fail, that failure is a part of everyone’s life, and that the key to success is being resilient after failure.

There are various forms of an old proverb saying that we may fall many times, but if we get back up each time, all is well.

Let’s face the fact (truth) that we’re all imperfect and will fall (fail) often, but the true measure of superiority is picking oneself up and trying again — or abandoning a dead end and starting a new path.

Lee Nahrgang,


Homicidal health care

A number of people in this part of the country opine that socialized medicine is a curse.

According to the World Health Organization, our country ranks 37th in health care. Would you rank health care by the wait time to get in to see a specialist? My wife has been referred to an orthopedist and a pulmonologist. The soonest these doctors can see her is October and January.

We are both in our late 70s and are convinced that our very expensive and broken health care system is trying to kill us.

John Zeigler,


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