How long is your rope?

With the elections soon approaching, some people may wonder if they are a Democrat or Republican. Let’s see if this analogy might help clear this up.

If a person is drowning 10 feet from the shoreline, a Democrat will throw him 20 feet of rope, while the Republican will throw only 5 feet of rope.

Ponder that analysis, and hopefully it will help you understand today’s politics.

Last but not least, if you do not vote, please don’t complain because you are part of the problem.

John R. Finley,


The words of Jesus haven’t changed

I’m so glad to hear that God wants Americans, especially racists motivated to action by hateful rhetoric, to own assault weapons and has put a morally flawed servant into power to ensure their God-given right to own them. Of course, I kind of missed that message in the Sermon of the Mount, but who actually reads the words of Jesus anymore? They are so inconvenient.

Better to just let your pastor tell you what to believe and who to vote for. If that appears to fly in the face of just about everything you once thought Jesus stood for, I guess you have to ask yourself, did Jesus change or did I?

Greg Hawk,


Statistics and solace

No doubt, Mr. Harnly’s statistical revelations (Aug. 16 Letters to the Editor) attempting to trivialize the frequency of “routine mass murder” in the United States will bring solace to all of the grieving families and loved ones of the victims.

Ed Soph,


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