In appreciation of the Theatre

My friends and I are still raving about the Denton Community Theatre’s performances of Cats.

From the dancing, costumes, makeup and songs to the great orchestra, it was a first-class production. Thank you, DCT, for giving us the opportunity to see great theater in Denton.

I purchased my season tickets and can’t wait to see what is in store for the 2019-2020 season.

Karen McDaniels,


Time marches on

The times, they are a changing.

And so, it is time to move the century-old Confederate Monument from its prominent place on our Downtown Square. It is an important part of our Denton history, which thankfully is being reinterpreted; but it needs to be moved respectfully to a place in the County Historical Park.

I would gladly subscribe to a Monument Removal Fund.

Let’s do it!

Jack Thomson,


The question of American loyalty

On Aug. 20, President Donald Trump declared that Jewish people who vote for his political opponents are disloyal to America. Close to 75% of Jewish Americans vote for the Democratic Party. Therefore, 75% of Jewish Americans are disloyal to America, according the president.

While some people may see a blanket declaration of Jewish disloyalty as somewhat concerning, they are probably overreacting. After all, when in history has a head of state saying that Jewish people are disloyal ever led to any problems?

Karl Kirchoff,


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