In light of the mass shootings 

Pertaining to these mass shootings, where does this rage in these young men come from? I believe it is mostly logic, for we do not see this in the females when it comes to mass killing of this kind. Is there anything we can do about these mass killings? The answer is no!

However, there are a few things that can improve prevention of such. For one thing, we could limit the ammo that can be purchased. We could create a hotline for people about to go postal, similar to the suicide prevention line. Family, Friends, co-workers need to be on the lookout for their loved one or associate having mental problems and get them to seek help before they become hopeless.

One thing I believe would get a lot of attention would be if we were to get people to band together to boycott all public actives. Quit shopping at stores, going to bars; stay at home for the next six months and see what happens. Of course you would still need to go to work and the supermarket. But I believe this would get everybody’s attention.

In Japan, people do not pollute because it is taught in school not to do so. Maybe we could have a teaching plan in our school about mass shooting prevention?

These men are eaten up by anger and bitterness, their minds polluted by the hateful times we live in. Their action not only changed their lives but the innocent lives of many others.

No one is trying to ban muskets, just powerful weapons of war. Some things, like guns taking a starring role in American history, will never change!

John Thompson,


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